Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Well, everyday's a school day!

My "WTF Moment of the Day" occured while I was on the way home from the gym this morning, listening to Howard Stern talk about the Grammy Awards Show. (which I didn't watch because I don't care about them):

The Gorillaz are a flippin' cartoon????

Geez. And I started listening to them long before most people even knew who they were! I guess that's what happens when I get all my music online and don't bother with CDs or MTV2.

I'll have to find a clip of their "performance" on the Grammy's. Especially since they somehow collaborated with Madonna...?

I still can't believe I've been listening to the Gorillaz this long and never figured out they were like, as Artie Lang put it, The Archies.

Oh well. I suppose at least this cartoon isn't causing people to kill each other.

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