Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Day of Reckoning's a Comin'

With the environment so messed up, we've been having a somewhat mild winter. Last week I went running outside a few times at lunch in shorts, drove with the windows open, took Mia out to play in the yard...

But the rent's come due, ya'll:


My shovel's ready, as is my "sprinkly ice melter stuff." But damn, I've gotten nice and used to the lack of snow! This is how it looks in the front of my house right now:

The only reminder of winter besides the cold temperatures is this lingering bump of snow on the lawn's edge:

It refuses to melt... even when we hit high 50's last week

And now it sits there, mocking me... wordlessly declaring what looms ahead for tomorrow.

Tina has a hockey tournament tomorrow and Sunday at a rink that's about an hour away. *sobs* I want my Xterra back!! (Though I wouldn't care if I had to ride my bike in the snow to the tournament, I'd never miss it. I watched my little hottie compete last year and had such a great time.)

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