Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Imagine Me and You

Ever heard of the movie Imagine Me and You? Me neither until one of Tina's friends recommended it. We went to see it last night as part of our Valentine's Day date and I give it a rating of:


Seriously, it was one of the sweetest movies I've seen in a while. It's on my "must-buy" list for when it comes out on DVD.

So I survived the Great Snow this weekend... barely.

Saturday turned out to be nice and sunny, so no problems there. Tina's team kicked @ss in the tournament and made it to the finals.

Sunday morning was something else! In order to make it to Tina's game, I had to leave before the plows had a chance to clear the local roads. Boy was I missing my Xterra! I actually did fine until this intersection in Fitchburg that was about a quarter mile from the rink.

I needed to make a right turn, so as I approached the intersection I slowed from 30 mph to about 10 mph. That wasn't good enough because as soon as I began to turn my back wheels had other ideas. I ended up sliding towards a Lexus SUV that was waiting for the light to change.

I released the brakes before it was too late and went straight through the intersection, turned around and went back to make the turn from the left. Same deal. I slid right on through, despite going even slower. The Lexus SUV was still there and the driver smiled at me.

I turned around, came to the intersection again and mouthed, "one more time" to her. She laughed and nodded.

This time I was successful and was able to turn without incident. The Lexus driver clapped and waved and on I went.

I wasn't too late for the game, so that was good. The Nighthawks won the first game of the day...

...but sadly they weren't quite as successful in the second. In all honesty, it wasn't really a fair game. Their afternoon opponent didn't have a morning game like Tina's team did because the other team had forfeited. The second game was about an hour after the previous one so the Nighthawks were exhausted. They ended up losing 5 to 2. Oh well!

And that's that! It's almost 50 degrees outside, so the snow is melting as rapidly as it arrived.

Soon we'll be back to that stubborn little stump that was there last week.

Back to work on my press release! While I do that, Billy and Sadie are helping me follow today's news:

But somehow I don't think their commentary will be very helpful...
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