Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Jane Doe

Say hello to Jane Doe, the pregnant feral cat that's currently residing in our guest room:

I have the Lifetime channel on for her as background noise, hence the very Lifetime Original Movie-esque name "Jane Doe."

We'll rename her once we get a sense of her personality, of course.

She came from the same woman who had given me my very first foster litter in late 2002. Except those kittens came already born and about 3 days old:

Their eyes weren't open yet and their ears folded forward like hamsters.

I loved raising that litter from when they were teeny weenie, so I was excited when the shelter director called to ask if we could foster Jane Doe and her babies-to-be.

Jane is a very tiny tiger cat who looks like a smaller version of Billy. I'm not sure how feral she is because while she's scared and always hiding, she hasn't been hissing or freaking out. So who knows what her story is. But either way, we're gearing up for a full house!
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