Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Momma gon' pop...

So we named our pregant feral house guest "Ginny."

Ginny's so sad and I feel awful about it. She sits in the window and cries incessantly during the night. It's woken me up every day this week so far.

Last night I was sleeping and woke up to the heart wrenching sobs of, "Mrow? Mrooow??" So did Billy, who was on my legs. (He's so freakin' cute)

The shelter director said we should leave her by herself, but I really think she's obscenely lonely. I picked up Billy and went in to visit poor Ginny. She was sitting on the window sill, looking outside. I slowly brought Billy over. Neither one freaked and they were both curious about each other.

They went nose to nose for a couple of seconds, then Billy rolled onto his back so I could rub his belly. As he started to purr, Ginny kept staring. I think she was shocked to see this big cat giving love to a human.

After Billy got tired of it, I slowly stretched my hand out. For the first time, Ginny actually leaned forward to sniff. But she flinched slightly which made me flinch, causing her to leap back as though I was going to hit her, thus ending our potential "bonding moment."

She didn't run away, but instead looked out the window. That's when I got to see her underside for the first time.

Look at those double paws!!!

Her boobs are HUGE now. I think she's going to pop at any time. I was going to build her birthing box this weekend, but I'll probably do it tomorrow.

She definitely had enough of me and my camera.

Anyway, hopefully we can work on socializing her more after the babies are born. I'd hate to have to spay and release her. I know she's sweet, even though she hates me right now. I think having Billy in there helped a bit last night.


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