Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"Its head was caught in the birth canal..."

This has been the worst morning ever.

At 9:00 I called my next door neighbor. Hell or wild cat, I was getting Ginny to the ER.

This is how Ginny and Baby #2 looked when Kathy arrived:

Armed with oven mitts, she held the cat carrier while I threw a sheet over Ginny, picked her up and shoved her and Baby #1 inside.

Ginny was hissing and lunging, but we managed to get her in my car.

I did about 90 and checked her into the Mass. Vet Referral Hospital, same place Mia went. They whisked Ginny away and a few minutes later the doctor re-emerged, carrying Baby #1 in a blanket with a warm water bottle wrapped in it.

"We don't want this little guy back there with all the sick animals," she explained. "A tech will show you how to bottle feed him."

Bottle feeding? Oh boy.

"How's Ginny?" I asked.

"Well, she's pretty hostile and so we can't get near her yet," she answered. "But we're going to gas her and then take it from there."

So they set me up in a side room with Baby #1.

Then they taught me how to bottle feed him.

And look at this! He's got double paws!!!! His feet are HUGE!!!!

About 20 minutes later the doctor came in.

"The second baby didn't make it," she shook her head. "Its head was caught in the birth canal. The kitten was bigger than the one you're holding. We did X-Rays and there's a third, so we gave Ginny something to induce labor, hopefully she'll be able to give birth to it naturally. If not we'll have to do a C-section. But we'll know more in an hour or so."

My eyes stung because I tried to hold back tears. "I was by myself," I said. "I couldn't get here sooner."

"Yeah, but you saved Ginny and possibly that third baby," she explained. "If she stayed that way, she would have gone into septic shock and none of them would have made it. And if she were still living outdoors, they all would have died."

I nodded. Still, it hurt.

I filled out some paper work, handed over my credit card and then went home.

So here I sit, Baby #1 in my lap. They think he's a boy and his umbilical cord is still attached. He cries unless his head's in my hand. And he's sucking his thumb!

This has been some morning.
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