Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"We tried..."

Baby #3 didn't make it. The vet ended up giving Ginny a C-section and they spayed her, too. When they pulled Baby #3 out it had no heart beat.

"We tried to resuscitate the kitten," she said. "Unfortunately once a mother starts giving birth, all the babies then become ready to go out. The second baby getting stuck likely caused the third one to distress. Ginny's doing very well, however. She's been awake for a while and is being surprisingly calm."

The vet went on to explain that there's a chance she may actually become friendlier. They suspect she's extremely young. We'll see. I pick her up tomorrow morning. My biggest hope is that she re-accepts Baby #1 and nurses him. He's eating from the bottle very well, but still... I know he's better off with breast milk.

And speaking of #1, he's just amazing. He screamed his head off if I tried to put him down. I reheated the hot water bottles and made a little box up with them wrapped in pillow cases. I was desperate for a shower, so I kept my hand in the box till he fell asleep and then left him on the toilet so I could stand under the hot spray. I think I was still in shock that this morning happened the way it did.

After I got dressed, I found that the water bottles were getting cool. I couldn't deal with those again, so I decided to go buy a heating pad to put under the sheets. The problem was, I couldn't leave Baby #1 alone and I didn't want to lug him around in a cardboard box.

So! I got my old Polaroid camera shoulder bag and turned it into a Kitten Carry-All!

I put one of the hot water bottles into a pillow case and then set it on the bottom of the bag. Then I put another case on top of that and voila!

Of course, being in the Kitty Carry-All required Baby #1 to not have his head in my hand, so he shrieked and tried to get out.

I left my hand in the bag until he dozed off. Then he was ready to go!

I packed his bottle, just in case...

I buckled the seat-belt around the case and we set off for Target. I found a heating pad pretty fast and checked out. As I was getting rung up, Baby #1 let out a muffled squeal. The cashier looked around, puzzled. I took that opportunity to show him off, of course.

After Target we ventured on over to Petco, where I bought one of those front-facing baby holders that parents wear when they want to carry their kids around. Except this one is for a ferret. I figured I might as well, since he'll be very tiny for at least 6 weeks.

I'm so glad Baby #1 survived, but I can't help but feel so sad about #2 and #3. What did they look like? How was Ginny feeling? Will she accept Baby #1 when she gets home tomorrow?

Also, the vet bill is going to be a little over a thousand. I nearly fainted. But the shelter director told me that the woman who gave me Ginny said she would cover the bill in full. I was shocked! That's so freakin' generous. I will absolutely be sending her a "thank you" card. I'm not even close to paying off Mia's bill, so I couldn't even fathom tacking on another grand.

I'm in for a long night. Baby #1 needs to be fed every 2 hours, so I have to set my alarm and get up throughout the night. He's totally worth it though. He's already bonding to me and obviously I've bonded with him. Now I've just got to come up with a name for the little survivor. He really is a miracle.

Boy, it's hard being a single mom...! But thank God I only have to do it until tomorrow night. Tina's hockey team had made it to nationals, so she's competing in Buffalo, NY as I type. (So far her team has made it to the semi-finals, so they're kicking ass!) I actually had packed a bag and was planning to drive up to surprise her, but when Ginny started acting up on Friday, I had a feeling she was going to go into labor. And I'm glad I went with my gut. I don't think I could have handled coming home to find... well, what could have happened had Ginny not gone to the ER. :-/
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