Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

They say the best way to a cat's heart...

Sporadically over the last couple weeks before Ginny gave birth I brought her cans of cat food. But I would actually open the can and put it into a dish right in front of her, hoping over time she'd catch on that I am not out to maim her, but instead really want to help.

This morning I entered her room with a small can of salmon flavored food. Per usual, she growled and hissed the second I opened the door. I tentatively sat down and put the dish about a foot away from me.


I opened the can and nearly jumped because Ginny immediately sprung to action. She stopped growling and stepped out from behind the book shelf. She hesitated and looked back at Baby #1:

I was stunned that she came out because typically she'd lift her head and watch me, but never just walked out before. So imagine my reaction to this:

She slowly walked toward the food, despite the fact that I was a foot away.

She growled almost the entire time she was eating, but still! Progress...

I couldn't believe she was eating in front of me! The growling stopped after a couple minutes and she continued to enjoy her food. All the while, Baby #1 slept peacefully behind the bookshelf:

Yuck, that baseboard desperately needs to be washed!

It took all the restraint in the world not to rush over and pick him up. Especially when he jumped slightly in his sleep. He did wake up briefly and so I said "hello" very softly. He shakily lifted his little head and turned in my direction, then he settled back to slumber. Ginny didn't even growl or hiss when I spoke, which she typically does.

Finally Ginny took a break from eating:

Hello, boobs! I couldn't imagine carrying around 6 full breasts like she does, ugh.

She returned to Baby #1 (I really think he's a "Toby") and didn't growl at me. Instead she licked her lips and just watched me leave. The look on her face pretty much said, "Thanks for breakfast, but this doesn't make us friends."

Oh, Ginny. Don't you realize it's inevitable? You will grow to love me. Just you wait.
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