Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"Targeted" Ads

I saw this story about the scaffolding that fell and killed three people. As I was in the process of clicking away from it, the Google ads at the bottom caught my eye. Something about "Create a Memorial Website for Free." For some reason I thought it was related to the story and the readers were being asked to create a memorial for the victims.

To make sure I read it right, I hit the back button. But the ad had changed:


Then I started laughing. I've never followed how the Google Ads work, but I'm going to assume this means they are based on key words in the context of the article. So I hit refresh:


A third refresh brought me back to the original ad:

I wonder what other tacky ads are out there. Did articles on New Orleans/ Hurricane Katrina that featured Google ads say, "Buy Cheap Flood Insurance?" or "Try the Toughest Mop on the Market?"

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