Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"1 Crazy Calorie"

Okay, this made me laugh:

I didn't even realized that TAB was still around, let alone a new "hip & chic" version. Still, I don't picture anyone at the clubs ordering one of those weird drinks that usually involves Red Bull and swapping in TAB Energy.

And I never knew what a sketchy history TAB had!

It was initially sweetened with cyclamate. After the FDA issued a ban on cyclamate in 1973, saccharin was used. In 1977, the FDA moved to ban saccharin. The ban proposal was rejected by the U.S. Congress, but it did require that all products containing saccharin carry a warning label that saccharin may cause cancer. A formula revision in 1984 blended aspartame with saccharin; this is the formula that is currently marketed in North America.

Yikes. I did get a kick out of this ad I found while looking up the old TAB:

After the cyclamate ban came out, did they change the ad to read "1 Crazy Cancer?"

And speaking of that whole "one calorie" thing, is anything original anymore?

What "future?" One calorie isn't new, as demonstrated by the above TAB ad from 1961.

What the HELL is this??

Can you picture "young adults" having a heart-to-heart with Coke marketing staff, lamenting on the lack of carbonated beverages to truly "call their own?" Not to mention the absence of lunchbox-style cars in which to symbolize said-missing drink?

Me neither.
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