Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

It's all fun and games until someone...

Oh great. This is exactly the kind I use, too.

Solution May Be Linked To Fungal Eye Infection

Sara Underwood

Bausch and Lomb has voluntarily suspended shipments of a contact lens solution after it was linked to a fungal eye infection that can cause temporarily blindness.

When Linda Lorras starting feeling pain in her eye she didn't know what it was. "The pain was terrible, terrible," she said. "It was my left eye and it just was red and swollen."

Eventually, she went blind in that eye and doctors say it was caused by a rare fungal infection.

"If the cornea infection is left untreated it could lead to blindness," said ophthalmologist David Chu. "We're talking about a fungal infection caused by an organism called fusarium infecting the cornea."

The government has received about 109 reports of the eye infection in 17 different states in the past year. At least 26 of them reported using Bausch and Lomb�s Renu brand contact lens solution with moisture-loc, or a generic version of the solution, also made by the company.

Federal officials say they're still investigating whether the solution actually caused those infections, but Bausch and Lomb is temporarily halting shipments of the solution, in the meantime.

Even though the risk of getting this eye infection is still extremely rare, here are the symptoms of fungal infection: pain or redness, blurry vision, discharge or swelling, increased sensitivity to light

If you have any of those symptoms, you should remove your lens immediately and seek care as soon as possible.

" are the symptoms of fungal infection: pain or redness, blurry vision, discharge or swelling, increased sensitivity to light..."

With the exception of the discharge, I get these symptoms all the time due to eye strain if I wear the lenses too long. So now I get to be paranoid about my eyes. Yay.

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