Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

You get what you pay for...

This can't possibly be a shock to anyone:

O&A To Replace Roth?
April 20, 2006
By Mike Boyle & Paul Heine

Are David Lee Roth’s 15 minutes of CBS Radio “Free FM” fame almost over? According to several published reports it is, and his widely rumored replacements, XM Satellite Radio’s Opie & Anthony, are all but signed and ready to roll as early as May.

The Wall Street Journal reports the duo, whose terrestrial radio career went up in flames in 2002, is “in the final stages of negotiation” of a multiyear deal that would allow them to continue on XM and promote the satellite radio service on a CBS Radio version of their racy talk show.

Roth has described his own program as “bland and painful.” Based on early ratings, listeners appear to agree. He replaced Howard Stern in seven markets in January, when Stern began a new 5-year deal at Sirius Satellite Radio.

I knew I couldn't have been the only one who thought having David Lee Roth as Howard Stern's replacement was a dumb idea.

But even more baffling is the fact that they're going to have XM's Opie and Anthony fill the slot with a cleanly edited version of their XM broadcast. CBS must be really desperate because this will be a blatant plug for XM Satellite Radio, yet they are currently suing Stern for promoting Sirius while he was on terrestrial radio.

What I'm most curious about is how the Catholic Church is going to take it. After all, if you remember, Opie and Anthony were banned from public radio several years ago after they staged a stunt where a couple had sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral. I can't imagine people are going to keep quiet about that.

By the way, I love the whole "Free Radio" campaign 92.3 in NY has going:

Hahaha! You get what you pay for.

So basically they're saying "Free = Crap."

I'm so glad I spent the money on Sirius. Howard and his team are as hilarious as ever and I love that they replay older episodes throughout the day when they're off the air. I'd be pissed if I bought XM and then found out I could get the content for free on regular radio. Plus I already get a bunch of XM music channels with our Direct TV anyway.

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