Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"Finger in the Dyke"

Part of my job is to track the news relating to certain industries my companies cover. For the most part I do that through Google News Alerts. That means I receive a dozen or so emails a day, letting me know when my search terms show up in an article.

One of those terms is "corporate blog." I get tons of emails with articles for that one and they are, for the most part, boring as hell. So imagine my surprise when I received this alert:

What the...? So I clicked on the link and got this:

I then took out the "/2006/04/finger-in-dyke.html" part of the link and it took me to the blog page of Innovation Analysis Group (IAG). Apparantly IAG is a market research, analysis and consulting firm for the travel industry.

They corrected their blog entry's title to read "A finger in the dike." But I guess it wasn't fast enough to escape the indexing clutches of Google!

Too bad they changed it. You have to admit "a finger in the dyke" is a lot more interesting and a better attention-grabber than "a finger in the dike."
And imagine how much more fun the IAG logo could be!

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