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Perhaps I'm About to Meet My Match...

Seems as though the ever so thoughful, yet clever G has started a little something that's *quite* interesting...!

A few months back I had done some freelance work for her co. I basically worked under the direction of G, putting together marketing content and what not. Aside from G, there's only one other female employed there, this girl L.

Now, said girl, L, is very nice. I spoke with her briefly each time I went to G's office. Whenever I'd call, L would answer and say, "Hi, Liz..." because they apparently had CallerID.

So, after my project was done and plans for me to work at G's co. full-time fell through (surprise), I never went back to the offices. I continued on my quest for full-time work and, as you all know, found some.

So G IM'd me on AIM the day before yesterday, all excited. "Guess what???" She asked.

"What?" I responded.

"You'll never guess who came out to me!"

"Who?" I couldn't even begin to guess. "Someone I know?"

"YES!" she said. "You remember L?"

"OMG!" I replied. "Are you serious??" I was stunned. I'm very good at picking people out, but I'll admit, L flew right under my gaydar.

"Yes! And she asked about you. She thinks you're cute..."

And so began an interesting scenario. I, of course, asked G for L's e-mail address. Hello, this girl's a hottie AND she's nice. Ha! Rare combo. Hee hee, and from what I can tell, ultra-femme.

So L and I exchanged several e-mails today. Hmmm. Something tells me that under that nice-girl exterior lurks quite the wild woman. Could it be? Have I finally met my match?

We shall see... I told her I'd call her once I recovered from being so sick and my schedule calmed down. So we have a pending date... should be interesting. Damn this strep throat...!
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