Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Fishies & Kitties

And here's an update from The Cattery, aka- the Erk-Leger household...

Toby continues to sprout up in utter cuteness:

He's becoming less timid and a lot stronger. Today he even played with Billy:

Although I think it was more that Billy was bapping him around like a toy.

When Billy and Toby grew bored of each other, Toby tried to wrestle with Ginny...

...but Ginny just wasn't into it. So he tried the chirping fish next:

When the fish didn't reciprocate (the "peep! peep! peep!" noise it made didn't count), he tried to climb the guest bed:

And when his little self got tired from all that work, he climbed into bed with Ginny for a nap:

Meanwhile in the other room, the little rats are growing fast.

At a week and a half old, their little eyes are starting to open. Because KC likes us and trusts us with her babies, they already know us. That means whenever KC decides she wants to go down to the kitchen to shove her way into the breakfast line-up, she expects us to baby-sit.

And we do. Morning after morning she takes off and if the babies aren't asleep, they scream. Then Tina and I take turns holding them (they instantly calm down when we pick them up) until she returns.

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