Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Now Playing: "The Toby & Ginny Show"

As I mentioned yesterday, Toby's just sprouting and really becoming a playful kitten. And even though it's of poor quality since it's an mpeg from my digital camera, I still thought some of you might enjoy seeing Toby & Ginny in action. So go ahead and right-click and save this: The Toby & Ginny Show! If you turn up the volume, you can hear Ginny growling at me as she comes out.

Toby is definitely taking after his mother in some ways. He likes to play a game where he stalks and pounces on our hands now:

He came creeping out and slowly started making his way over, all stealth-like...


We were doing it this morning and I decided to wiggle my hand as though it was going to pounce on him. He chirped, puffed up his fur and hissed! It was a playful hiss, but still... I've never heard any of my previous kittens hiss earlier than 6 weeks. Toby's only 4 and a half. So I guess he's paying close attention to Ginny's mannerisms!

My favorite moment of the morning is this one:

"Come on, ma!

Ginny's still as unfriendly as ever, although she's gotten used to our playing with Toby and no longer tries to maim us when we pick him up.

Last night I watched the latest episode of Prison Break that Tina'd taped for me while I was at hockey. Since the only VCR in the house is in Ginny's room, I had to watch it in there.

Halfway through the episode I looked down and saw Ginny sniffing the bottom of my pajama pants. I didn't dare move and was terrified she'd suddenly swipe at me. When she was done with that, she came around the bed and kept peeking up as though she was getting ready to jump up. But she decided not to and I was kind of relieved.

I really doubt she's going to ever become a lap cat, but still... this looks like progress. Then again, the last time I thought she was making progress, she knocked a can of cat food out of my hand, full force.
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