Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

As Tina Turner Says...

..."I can't stand the ra-aaaaain..."

But it is desperately needed around here, so I'll just have to deal. Plus my backyard looks like HELL. I went out last week and saw a sea of green grass, mixed with dead straw-like leftovers from last year, mixed with pine needles, mixed with a lot of bare spots. Yuck.

So I raked. And I raked and I raked. Then I bought a few bags of top soil and lawn seed that had been pre-blended with fertilizer to fill in the bare spots and other areas that were overcome with the dead grass.

I only got through raking half the yard when I heard the forecast for this week: rain rain rain starting this past Monday. Since we were on The Cape all weekend, I didn't get to finish laying down the soil and seed until late Monday afteroon. And I was not happy to find that despite buying 5 bags of soil and 3 bags of seed, this was how far I got:

I had to take the picture through the screen, sorry.

So all that bluish stuff is the seeds and fertilizer. I spent hours on the yard after work most days last week and Monday, so I was bummed that that was all I completed. But I guess it's still early in the season.

Still, those bitches better grow!! Especially with all this rain.

Moving on to a more sunny subject, here's the update on Toby!

He's growing more and more playful by the second. He's got a ton of toys that he didn't know what to do with at first, but now it seems he's catching on.

He loves carrying that gray mouse around in his mouth. He then drops it suddenly, followed by stalking and pouncing on it.

Though his favorite "toy" to-date is still Ginny:

She's very cute and does humor him, even when he bites her tail or ears:

Even though Ginny's still a pain in the ass, I have to hand it to her- she is a good Mommy to him:

And next door to them, KC and The Twins are doing beautifully. They, too, are growing fast, but I still think they look like little rats:

KC continues to be an excellent Mother, though at this point we believe she's no more than 9 months old.

She still acts very much like a kitten herself and when the babies are sleeping, she demands we play with her. Even as I'm typing this, she's at my feet, meowing up at me.

I can't end this post without including this photo. I had tried to hold up one of the twins to get a good shot of his face, but it came out like this:

I swear, I was holding the baby up by under his armpits and chest! But because he stuck his head out, he looks like I've got him by the neck. I had sent the photo to Tina in an email to which she promptly replied, "Stop choking my kittens!"

Heh heh heh...
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