Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Another Weekend.

You all are going to get sick of these types of posts, so I apologize. But honestly, I love putting stuff up like this because it's fun to go back and visit previous entries years later. (Ew, I still can't believe this blog is over 5 years old and that I have entries to look back on from years ago.)

Anyway, Tina and I spent another weekend at her family's house on the Cape.

We helped her uncle with laying the docks out and let me tell you, it was a pain in the @ss. We had to get in the water, which was absolutely freezing. Tina's aunt took a lot of photos, so I'm waiting for her to send them. I wish I had them now to post, they're pretty funny.

Since Tina's the handier one, I stepped back to let her make the repairs on the dock:

After we finished our work on the docks, Tina picked up her little cousin Aidan and brought him to the Cape so he could have fun with us. And fun we had, but let me tell you, if a 6 year old isn't occupied at all times, they get destructive. (ie- "Aidan, don't throw that board with the rusty nails in the lake!" *Splash* "Why did you do that, Aidan?" "I'm sorry, Tina." *sigh*)

Overall, we had a great time! We took Aidan kayaking...

...followed by landing at the nearby beach and playground:

This was my favorite photo of the weekend.

And I just love taking candid photos. Tina was thrilled!

So it was another relaxed weekend. I'm so glad we have the whole summer ahead of us. I had quite enough of the winter "blahs." And wow, after looking at these photos, I realized I desperately need a tan!
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