Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Everything just comes together

Naptime, 5/9/06

This has been an interesting last few days in the Cat & Kitten department. One thing I'm noticing is that Toby is growing shyer with Tina and me. He doesn't mind us picking him up and what not, but he tends to run or back away when we approach him. I really think it's because he's confused as what to do when he sees his mother hissing and lunging at us. He's definitely paying attention to that more and more.

Just this morning I called to him and he came bouncing out of the shelf he had been sleeping on with his mother. Suddenly Ginny hissed and he skidded to a stop. Then he ran to hide behind her and since then he's hesitated each time I've tried to approach him today.

Tina and I have been taking him out to be held by us as much as possible because the last thing we need is another difficult cat.

On an "oh my goodness, I can't believe my eyes" note, I was in my office yesterday when I heard all this commotion in the hallway. It was pretty much a lot of running around and scuffling noises. I went out to see what was going on and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Ginny, playing with a toy mouse! Between pouncing and rolling around, she was scratching on one of the cat condo's scratching posts. Of course, the second she saw me, she stopped.

As soon as I went back to my office she resumed her playing and even started meowing happily. Since that event, she's now also spending more time out of the guest room, but it's mostly limited to mine and Tina's room or the hallway. Either way, I think she's becoming less of a cranky wild animal.

KC's twins are now starting to walk around in that unsteady, 4-week-old-new-on-their-feet sort of way. It's just adorable to watch.

Even funnier is when they play. Since they're so little and just learning that whole moving around thing, they wrestle in slow motion.

Just watching the twins together and seeing Toby alone is pretty much all the proof in the world that kittens need to be adopted in pairs. Toby's still trying to figure out how to play with toys and his mother's tail at 6 weeks, not to mention extremely timid while the twins are already rolling around with each other and playing with toys. They also love when Tina and I pick them up and respond to our voices. Of course, the difference also lies with the stark contrast in KC and Ginny's dispositions. But regardless of that, I've seen kittens of other ferals and because they had brothers and sisters, they adapted a lot more easily to people and new surroundings.

Of course, while I was pondering this thought, I went into our bedroom and found this:

It's funny how everything just comes together. Toby lost his two siblings at birth, but he's gained cousins-of-sorts with the twins. Maybe this will be the help we need in socializing him more.
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