Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Toby Has Two Mommies

As of this weekend, things on the cat front have taken an even more interesting and surprising turn. Like I mentioned before, Toby has started hanging out with the twins. Everyday he's in our room snuggling, wrestling and all around just sticking close by them. And they just absolutely adore him!

After Toby became bonded with the twins, KC accepted Toby and would wash him and let him take naps with her and the babies. But I really wasn't expecting to see this when I walked in my bedroom on Monday:

It's hard to tell with their dark coloring, but those are both twins with Ginny

And nothing stunned me more than this yesterday:

Yeah, so Ginny and KC are best friends now and they take turns watching over the babies. Ginny is constantly playing with Toby or entertaining herself in the hallway with the cat condo scratch posts. I'm just completely shocked at how she's behaving like a house cat now.

Oh, but don't get me wrong, she still hisses and waves her claws at Tina and me if we get too close. But she's no longer running to hide from us or proactively trying to maim us. Toby turns 8 weeks this Saturday so we'll probably start doing the "sheet thing" with her. That's when we throw a sheet over her, wrap her in it, then hold her close and pet her head for about 10 minutes a day. Then we'll increase the time by 3 minute increments.

I'm sure that will be great fun (haha.), but I'm starting to really think she'll come around. Last night I was sitting in the hallway and kept making that noise you make when you call to animals. You know, the one that sounds like you're making kissy sounds? Well, Ginny came walking over and kept circling me while I did that and occasionally rubbed her face on the boxes in the hall. She just kept slowly going round and round and I SWEAR I heard her purring briefly.

I didn't press my luck by trying to pet her, but just took the interaction for what it was worth.

So that's the update! I'll wrap this up by sharing a couple pictures of the adorable wonder twins:

Those two are absolute angels. They LOVE to be petted and held and just can't get enough attention. They'll be the ultimate lap cats!
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