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Liz Erk

"She's just like you and me, but she's homeless... la da dee, la day dow..."

This past weekend goes down in the record books as one of the Weirdest Weekends Ever. For starters, since I'd moved to this town, I've never locked my car doors. It was just one of those places where I'd even accidentally left my bike in the driveway overnight and found it in the exact same place the next morning. (Though I've never EVER left my house unlocked... you just hear too many stories about rapists climbing in windows of unsuspecting suburbanites. Hence why we have an alarm system.)

So imagine my surprise when I was in the yard Saturday afternoon and I heard Tina cry out, "Someone went through my truck!" (Tina recently bought a small pick-up truck)

"What?" I asked as I went over to her.

"Someone went through my truck!"

"Are you sure?" I asked. I just couldn't believe it.

"Yeah," she insisted. "The center console was hanging open like this." She pointed to the center section, which was open with a CD case crookedly sticking out. "They took all my quarters and dimes, but left the nickels."

I was stunned. And Tina doesn't usually leave her car open, either. It was just a fluke that she left the passenger door unlocked the previous night.

"Is anything else missing?" I asked her.

"No, all of my hockey stuff is here and your EZ-Pass, too," she answered.

"Weird," I said. "It was probably kids."

I went through my own car. All of my stereo equipment was there and so was my bag of quarters in the center console. "I guess they didn't bother with my---" I stopped as I opened the glove compartment.

"What is it?" Tina asked.

I just stared at my glove compartment. The entire thing had been neatly rearranged and inside were 3 CDs that weren't there previously.

Two Bob Seger CDs and a Stevie Ray Vaughn CD. Two artists I would never EVER listen to on purpose, let alone own their CDs.

Tina started laughing.

"I assume these didn't come from your car?" I asked her.

"No," she shook her head, still laughing. "Do you even know who Bob Seger and Stevie Ray Vaughn are?"

I had to admit I did not.

After we got over the fact that someone was in our cars, I asked my left-side neighbors if the CDs belonged to them. They did not. I have yet to see my right-side neighbors, so the CDs' origin currently remains a mystery.

Sunday Tina and I did some more yard work. I was SO excited because with her truck, we were able to buy TREES!! I've been dying to plant two Japanese Maples by our back fence. We went to Home Depot and bought the Japanese Maples, as well as more soil and grass seeds for the lawn.

When we got home I immediately went to the back yard to dig holes for the trees. I was about 6 inches down when my shovel hit something. Figuring it was a rock, I attemped to dig it out by moving over a bit. Nope, I hit something again.

I started clearing all around whatever the hard thing was with my hand. As I worked, I began to see what looked like some sort of rusty pipe with a rectangular cover. Given how the property was structured, I knew it wasn't a water or gas line.

Long story short, about 40 minutes later I had dug out the top section of what appeared to be a wood burning stove. The thing had been there so long, it crumbled into a rusty mess with each section I pulled out. I got sick of digging out the pieces, so I finally broke off a section and removed enough of it so that it wouldn't affect the tree being planted there. But here are two parts that didn't disintegrate upon removal:

I swear, what next? When Colby lived here I had spent a lot of time digging out pieces of glass, broken dishes, flatware and mangled children's toys from the side of the yard. Apparently the builder decided it was easier to bury the contents of the old house in the yard, rather than take the time to throw it away. But I hadn't really dug down as far as I did on Sunday, so I'm now wondering what else is buried.

At some point I'm going to have to dig out the rest of that stove and see if anything else is hidden. Who knows, maybe next I'll find a car with the family that used to live there still sitting inside.

Anyway, I finally managed to get the tree planted:

I was able to dig the second hole and set the tree in without incident, thankfully. What a pain in the @ss.

In other news, I downloaded the top 100 dance songs from 1990 to 1999. The memories induced by the song titles alone nearly made me go fetal!

Good old Crystal Waters' "Gypsy Woman"...

she wakes up early every morning
just to do her hair now, because she cares y'all
her day wouldn't be right
without her make up - shes never out of makeup
she's just like you and me but she's homeless
she homeless
and she stands their singing for money
la da dee la day dow, la da dee la day dow

And how about Rozalla... Everybody's freeeeee, to feel good...


It's amazing how much of an effect music has on one's memories.

EDIT UPDATE: I had sent emails out to my immediate neighbors letting them know about the CDs and as it turns out, they belong to the woman who'd taken in Prince's husband. They were very glad to have the CDs returned, so that was nice.

Of course, our conversation then turned to cats, which led to cat feeding, which led to Ms. Skunkerton. My neighbor informed me that she was hit by a car last week in front of one of their friend's houses a block over. Ms. Skunkerton was in such bad shape, Animal Control had to take her away.

Poor thing. I had been wondering about her. I'll actually miss seeing her scamper down the walkway and gobbling up Gus' food.
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