Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
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Love/ Hate-Love Relationship

I know, I know... long overdue for an update on the herd. So here you go... something to brighten up this dreary Wednesday. (Is it me or does it seem impossible to have more than one nice day at a time lately?? Rain Rain Rain around here.)

Well, as of late Ginny and I have begun to develop an interesting love/ hate-love relationship. Basically I love her and she love/hates me. For instance, she's now started to hang out in rooms I'm in. And I don't mean just skulking on in and hiding out in the furthest corner. She'll actually sit 2 or 3 feet away from me while I work in the office.

I've tried reaching out to her very slowly with my hand and she'll move as though she's going to sniff it. Then at the last minute the little brat raises her paw to swipe at me, so we're still not quite at the friendly contact stage.

Also, Ginny is now trained to ask for her food. It's very cute. As some of you know, all of my cats know the word for food is "num-nums." I use it because it helps if I can't find someone. (ie- Mia when she occasionally runs out of the house) I simply say, "Who wants some num-nums?" and everyone comes running out from wherever they may be hiding.

I ask that same question every morning before I put the wet food out. Mia, Billy and KC all answer me with little "mews" at the same time and then I set their bowls down. Ginny seems to have figured this out because when I bring her food upstairs she sits and waits for me to ask her if she wants num-nums. Then she says, "brrr-mow!" and I place her dish right in front of her. She's even stopped hissing at me if I let my hand linger on the dish.

Ginny will also sometimes stay on my bed if I'm in the bedroom, but typically she'll scramble away as though I've come in to attack her. She'll often make it clear that my presence is unwelcome and cramps her style. See here as she lazily gets up and stretches before leaving:

After I took that picture, she gave me this look of disgust before jumping down. Mind you she, merely sat in the doorway and waited for me to leave so she could resume napping on the bed.

Toby is growing rapidly by the day. Just look at him:

It's hard to believe a short 2 and a half months ago he was just a teeny baby that almost didn't make it.

He's been bonding with me a little more, too. Last night I was watching TV on the bed when he hopped up and made his way toward me. He sat in front of me and just gazed up at my face. I smiled at him and pet the top of his head and resumed following Rescue Me. A couple seconds later I glanced back down and saw that Toby was still looking at me. This time when we made eye contact he started purring and then then scooted closer to me until he was laying against my arm. I then lazily pet him under his chin until he fell asleep. He's such a sweet little guy!

The twins are also progressing beautifully. (Tina named them Molly and Teddy, by the way. Very suitable, cute names!) They're very playful, affectionate little things that take after KC in both looks and mannerisms. (For instance, KC is one vocal little furball. When she wants attention, she'll ask until she gets it. Molly and Teddy are no different.)

Lately my office has become the midday nap destination of choice for all three munchkins:

And that's just about it on the cat front. ^_^
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