Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Fair Weather Pride

Well, today is Boston's Gay Pride Parade. It's actually taking place as I type this, but Tina and I opted to stay home because it's absolutely POURING outside. I was supposed to march with the Bay Blades, but the last thing I want to do is march in the rain and cold donning a unisuit. I guess I have "fair weather pride," oh well.

But! We did "get our Pride on" last night at Toast! (And before I get into the night itself, I want to say how HORRIBLE the music was. It's not unusual for that to happen in dyke clubs, but it was worth mentioning because one of my favorite DJs was spinning. This was SHOCKING for me since Susan Esthera usually does a great job with her sets, but last night it was just undanceable. I'm going to assume they made her play the songs that she did and this was an exception to her typically great performances.)

Aimee, Maric, Tina and I arrived at 9:15 in anticipation of the crowds. I'm glad we did because it was packed with a LONG line by 10:30. We drank, we danced, we laughed, blah blah blah until about 12:00. Then we decided to leave and get pizza in Central Square. Since I'd had a tad too many beers, Tina drove. She found a parking spot pretty quickly and it was in front of a construction site with some SWEET, hardcore posters on it. Thank God I had my camera...

We're so metal...

Then we splashed through the rain to Hi-Fi Pizza and food was ordered with little incident:

But of course when they sat down they started sprinkling pepper on each other.

Halfway through eating there was some sort of Aimee Photoshoot...

...but I couldn't let that happen without sticking my finger in...

...or my face:

And I really don't have anything to say to this except for hahaha:

So after we ate, we returned to the car to find this fabulous parking ticket:

I guess we didn't read the fine print on the signs and just chose to acknowledge the "1 hour parking" part:

Despite my drunkeness I scanned the ticket for any possible fodder for appeal. I found it within 30 seconds: the issuer had circled "p.m." instead of "a.m." So according to that ticket, I was parked legally at 12:37 p.m. on Saturday and the violation was an error. HahahaHAAA! I wrote and sent my letter to the parking clerk first thing this morning.

After that we set out to drop Aimee and Maric off at their respective apartments.

"But I have to peeeee!" Aimee wailed after we left the curb.

We found an industrial park and let Aimee out to "do her thing." But not peacefully! Tina hopped out of the car and snapped a picture. Poor Aimee!

She was wailing "noooo!" at that moment.

It was definitely a fun time. Tina and Aimee are really two peas in a pod and we need to all hang out more often.

I admit, I'm a little sad to not be at Pride right now, especially because last year's was so much fun. But that's okay... there are many more to be had in the future. And with the perfect girlfriend, I've got all the Pride I need right here in my own home.
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