Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Love is in the house...

The kittens are growing up and KC and Ginny are settling into the domestic life. Though when Ginny gave birth the hospital spayed her since they had to go in for the C-section anyway. KC had a perfect complications-free birth, so she's still "intact." I've scheduled her for the next available spay appointment which is July 16th. That means we have to deal with her going into heat.

All last week she sat in the basement and whined. "Mawwwwww.... mawwwwww..."

Obviously we won't be letting her outside, so I guess she decided to try and make do with who's in the house: neutered Jeffrey and neutered Billy.

Jeffrey wants NOTHING to do with any of the new cats. He just scowls at them and walks away whenever they get near. So that leaves Billy.

Billy's a silly 11-pound big oaf of a cat. His paws are these huge mitts with thumbs and he just loves to give hugs. He also likes to antagonize Mia and Cora until they finally chase him around. When he first met KC he didn't really react to her. He just more or less sniffed her and walked away.

So when KC started paying all sorts of attention to him on Friday, he didn't know what to do with her. It started in the bathroom while I was cleaning. Billy was curious about what I was doing, so he just sat on the floor and watched me with his head cocked to one side.

"Brrrr...woooow? Brrrrr weee-owww...!"

Billy and I both turned around to see KC sauntering in. She slowly walked around Billy, still chirping. I laughed as she weaved her tail back and forth and then brushed it across Billy's face. After she completed one full lap around Billy, KC layed down on the floor and rolled over onto her back, looking up at Billy.

"Brrrr... wow?" she implored him.

Billy stared at her for a moment and then leaned down to sniff her head.

"BrrrWOW!" she said, then she started purring and rolling around.

Billy then wiggled his butt, pounced on KC and bit her ear. Startled, she rolled onto her side and then sat up. Billy then full on slapped her in the face and ran off.

I started laughing so hard. Clearly Billy wasn't understanding KC's intentions.

Later that day KC made her move again in our bedroom. She started out by rolling around on the bed toward Billy while chirping:

Then Billy started washing KC's head:

And I guess KC tried to lay it on thicker by rolling all over the bed some more...

...but then she got a little too into it and then fell on the floor:

So much for romance.

Anyway, KC seems to have gotten over it, so hopefully she won't go into heat again before her spay appointment.

In Toby & The Twins news, I took them to the shelter to get their first round of shots. The director informed me that Toby is a girl!! Nooooo!!!!!

When the doctor said Toby was a boy, he was a baby, so I guess it was hard to tell. I was all sad about Toby and started pondering a name change, but then I saw a Seinfeld rerun that same night. It was the episode where some chick named TOBY got a promotion because she broke her pinky toe and everyone felt sorry for her. I took that as a sign, so the name stays.

Still, it's hard to get used to calling Toby "she." But she's still as cute as ever, so I'll get over it. And now I leave you with an updated photo of Toby and the Twins:


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