Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Colin Farrell is My Bitch

Move over, Kelis! There's a new milkshake in town and the boys aren't just coming to her yard; she's made "Colin Farrell her bitch" and "f*cked Alec Baldwin in his ass."

I seriously have been laughing all morning at this. Apparently Dessarae Bradford showed up on the set of The Tonight Show on June 20th to confront Colin Farrell (He's since gotten a restraining order). I had heard about it on the radio that day, but forgot about it soon after.

But thanks to MySpace giving every nutjob the chance to put stuff on the Web, we get to see who she is in her own words:

I am DESSARAE BARDFORD HEAR ME ROAR! I am the author of the books: MY S/M ROMP WITH ALEC BALDWIN & COLIN FARRELL: A DARK TWISTED PUPPY. go to to learn more and to get books. I also suing COLIN FARRELL for stalking me and harassment in los angeles, ca now. go to colin page on my site and press release page to find out why in more detail and to read a chapter from my book. I am suing colin for $10,000,000.

And apparently she's angry enough to have made her own dance track! And with that I present "Colin Farrell is My Bitch!" (Don't turn this up too loud if you're at work)
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