Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

The Contender

Nearly three years ago I told you about Wing. Since then she has come out with several new CDs, including "Wing Sings Elvis."

(If you haven't heard Wing, you have got to go listen. RIGHT NOW.)

Boy did I get the shock of my life (okay, not quite as dramatic, but still...) when I saw Wing featured on an episode of South Park last night!!!

The storyline itself was pretty funny and I managed to find a portion of it on YouTube:

Just to give this some context, the kids were supposed to enter Wing in American Idol, but the line was too long and they had to get back home in time for school. They then found out they could immediately get her on The Contender, so they agreed not knowing what it was.

So yes, America. Wing is here. Slowly, but surely, Wing is cover-singing her way into our hearts.

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