Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Teeny Feets

Gracie and the little munchkins are still doing well. And while the babies are getting fuzzier by the day...

...Gracie is getting cuter and cuter. Her kitten-ish side has been showing, especially today. I gave her a bunch of toys and watched her race around the room, tackling and pouncing on fake mice. She also hopped up on the bed and kneaded on my leg for a half hour while I ate lunch and watched People's Court. (shut up)

The night before last, Tina and I awoke to the sound of screaming and squeaking coming from the closet. I was totally out of it and didn't respond right away, but Tina did. As it turned out, the closet door was left slightly open, so Gracie decided to move the babies inside under the shelves, one by one. The screaming was two of the babies that had been moved.

Tina put the babies back in their box and slid the door shut. I guess she didn't close it all the way because an hour later we woke up again to similar shrieking. Gracie's a smart Mommy; the closet is the ideal baby hideout. But the last thing my clothes need is cats on them, so Gracie has to settle for the box.

Besides, I don't think the babies mind too much. Just look at this little face:

I love the shiny pink pads and pink belly!!

And this one!

That little nose!!

I also think it's suffice to say that Gracie's content, too:

In other "contented cat" news, I'm still amazed how big the twins are. Molly and Teddy are a couple of characters, each with VERY outgoing personalities.

Over the weekend I let Teddy "help" me with the yardwork. (ie- he meowed at the trees to drop him leaves to chase. And when they ignored his requests, he climbed them until I yelled at him to get down.) He certainly loved it outside!

Of course the downside is that now Teddy sits by the back door and HOWLS to go out. Rain or shine, night or day, "MRRRRROOOOW...!"

I let Molly out as well, but had to put her back in the house because unlike Teddy, she did not come down from the trees when asked. It was way too hard to rake and baby-sit two lightening-fast kittens, so...

But nonetheless, Molly is always able to entertain herself:

Though I caught her mid-snarl here... she was play-growling at her ball so she sorta has "gremlin face"


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