Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk


As I'd mentioned yesterday, Gracie's kittens are growing very quickly. But what I did not expect was what happened this afternoon.

About an hour ago I took a break from work and went in to visit Gracie. I did the same thing I've been doing since they got here- I entered the room and asked Gracie in a very high-pitched voice, "How's Gracie and the beebees??"

Gracie always answers by standing up (if the babies aren't nursing) and saying, "Brrr-meow!"

I went over to the box to pet Gracie and as I crouched down I said, "Good little beebees!" To my surprise, the biggest black and white baby turned its head (in the wobbly infant kitten way) and gazed up at me. I looked closer... its eyes were slightly open!

I didn't expect the babies to open their eyes so quickly. I picked up each one to see if everyone's eyes had opened. Right now it's just 4 out of 5, with one black one still closed. The runty black and white baby only had one slightly open and it squealed when I tried to hold it up and take a picture:

Here's the biggest of the three "baby cows":

And here's the black kitty:

Sooooo cute! And if they're already responding to my voice and opening their eyes, it's only a matter of maybe a week before they will be terrorizing our bedroom. Oy.

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