Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Little by Little

Little by little, Jeffrey's making progress. I checked in with one of the vet techs about an hour ago and the woman said his toxin levels have continued to come down. Not a lot since yesterday, but nevertheless, the numbers are slowly moving in the right direction. She also said Jeffrey's been eating very well, too.

Sheera the shelter director said she will speak with the vet tomorrow morning to set a plan in motion for checking Jeffrey out. At that point we will determine what needs to be done in terms of long-term care to ensure Jeffrey stays healthy and happy. I just can't wait to give him a hug!

Billy, Sadie and Cora have continued to camp out in the office; Sadie keeping Jeffrey's usual spot warm...

...while Billy saves Jeffrey's snuggle spot on the chair with Cora:

In Gracie and The BeeBees news, the kittens have pretty much taken over the bedroom. Everyday they do the silliest, most cutest things. But in all honesty, this takes the cake:

Yes, that's litter. But here's the thing: we have several of those boxes set up around the room for the kittens. The litter is Feline Pine Scoopable, which is pretty much sawdust. Tina bought it because you can flush it down the toilet. Apparantly the kittens decided that three of the boxes were good for pooping and peeing, but one was just perfect for wrestling and napping. Seriously. There was actually another kitten in there with that one, but he took off before I could get the camera.

And who needs a kitty bed when they can have my slippers???

Less than 2 minutes after I took that photo, Rory the runt fell asleep and tipped forward:

They stayed like that for a good hour. Guess it doesn't take much to please them!

So all in all, life's a little calmer around here. I just hope things can keep going in a positive direction for Jeffrey. He's a little fighter and I'm glad he's getting a chance. No way was I going to give up on him.

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