Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Critical Stage

My poor little Jeffrey is in the ER. I took him in yesterday morning because he was doing great until Saturday night. But then when I gave him his antibiotics he threw up and unlike the first time he threw up a couple days before, he didn't get back to normal.

Sunday morning I woke up and found that he still wouldn't eat. He drank plenty of water, but that's it. Also, his subQ fluids from the night before hadn't absorbed. I just had a strong feeling that I shouldn't wait, so I called the hospital, briefed the attendant and brought Jeffrey in.

I'm glad I did. His red blood cell count had dropped to 10%. Critical is 30%, so yikes. They gave him a blood transfusion and IV fluids which returned him to normal behavior (ie- eating, upbeat, active, etc.) They're testing him for FIP and renal lymphoma, the originally suspected culprits. However, this morning the vet called me and said Jeffrey was still losing protein through fluid loss via blood vessels and veins. They really suspect it's likely lymphoma because with FIP the kidneys become deformed. Plus his red blood cell cound dropped to 11%, which means whatever is attacking him is EXTREMELY aggressive.

They gave him another transfusion and are doing a kidney biopsy so they can pinpoint exactly what's happening and go from there. I'll also be taking him to an acupuncturist once he's stable enough to be checked out for a while. (Likely tomorrow)

This is killing me because Jeffrey's not in any pain. When his levels drop he just gets tired (it's the same as with people). He's so spirited and loving and it's breaking my heart. He's a beautiful cat with so much love and I'm not giving up for as long as I can. If he was suffering miserably I wouldn't put him through that. Also, Jeffrey's insured, so at least $2500 of this will be covered. I'll likely have a few thousand thereafter to deal with.

I'm sure people think I'm crazy. But here's the thing: I can work to make up the money. I cannot make another Jeffrey. What I would not be able to live with comfortably would be just giving up and not trying. I'd carry horrible guilt for the rest of my life if I just let go without doing the best I can. I read a lot of stories where people tried different alternative avenues of treatment successfully. I have an excellent acupuncturist, Patricia Crawford that I have worked with in the past and she specializes in animals as well. We had a long talk this morning and she's going to treat Jeffrey when I can get him out of the ER tomorrow. Plus a holistic specialist named Marie Cargill that Patricia works with is giving me a homeopathic remedy tomorrow morning to bring to the ER.

All I can do is my best and Jeffrey deserves that. He's only a baby, so this is all wrong in the first place. But as his caregiver I'm pulling out all the stops.

Thank you to tripleransom for lighting a candle for Jeffrey

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