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Okay, I admit it... Dad is so cool! When I was a kid, I refused to acknowledge it. But he really is! My Mom reaffirmed this at dinner last night with a recent story about my Dad at work...

My Dad is a CPA. He own's a firm with 2 partners. The difference between his company and regular accounting firms is that they only handle clients in the entertainment field. So he has clients such as The Jerky Boys, Bruce Springstein, John Digweed, The B52's, etc.

Well, apparently he often has lunch with a lot of his local-based clients. One of which happens to be the UK group Spacehog.
Last week he got a call from Royston, the lead singer, saying, "I'm downstairs, let's go..."

He was outside of my Dad's office on his motorcycle. So my Dad goes down, puts on a helmet that was way too big, hops on the back, and they go tearing through the streets of NYC.

They roar up to some cafe in Union Square to meet up with Royston's girlfriend, Liv Tyler. Liv saw the look on my Dad's face as he got off the bike. I think he saw his life flash before his eyes... "Are you okay, Arty...?" she asked him.

Then she gave him an autographed huge ring of some sort. It was from the set of her new movie and it was signed by the whole cast. Including (**here's where Liz swoons**) the boy I've been in love with since I was about 14, Elijah Wood.

Apparently my Dad has such lunches like this all the time. Hmph. Perhaps I should have followed in his footsteps, I'd certainly have fun running around NYC with the likes of The B52's and such...! And he's 48!

So, kids, I admit. My Dad's pretty cool.

One would think he'd have taken the gay thing a little better... Oh well!

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