Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Move over, Gamal!

My little Jeffrey's still putting up a good fight. I just got off the phone with one of the vet techs and she said Jeffrey's red blood cell count has now climbed to 18% on its own. (Thank you, Marie Cargill, for that Marrow Plus!!) His kidney values are also holding steady at this point which makes me very happy. (Once again, Marie Cargill's a genius. She gave me Rehmannia 8 to boost his kidneys.)

"He didn't want his herbs this morning," the tech laughed. "He started gagging and got mad at us. Now he's sitting in a corner sulking. But it didn't keep him from eating though! He gobbled up his food right after."

"Aw, poor guy," I said. "Did he at least get some of it?"

"Yeah," she replied. "We did get about half in."

The Rehmannia 8 comes in these gigantic capsules. Dr. Cargill said to either open the capsule and mix it with food or mix with water and give it to him that way. Since Jeffrey only likes dry food the techs have been giving it to him with water that they squirt in his mouth.

"Well, keep giving him what you can," I said. "It sounds like it's working."

"Yes," she agreed. "He's doing great."

I'm so proud of him! Last night I visited him for an hour and he was acting like the Jeffrey I remember from the summer. He was trying to climb into my bag and wanted me to let him down so he could walk all around. Being that I wasn't sure of his limitations with the catheter and his having had the biopsy that morning, I had to hold him still on my lap. He didn't seem to mind too much after a while and he even dozed off as I sang to him:

Look at his poor "boo boo" from the biopsy:

They might as well shave all of his hair off at this point. Each day I go in to find something else buzzed!

While we were sitting together he sat up in my lap and started peering at the door. Then he got all positioned as though he were getting ready to pounce.

"Where do you think you're going?" I asked him.

I imagine if he could speak he would have said something like this:

During my visit one of the staff members came in to have me get caught up on my balance (let's just say OUCH!) and also ask me to sign a photo release form.

"Yeah, they wanted me to ask you to sign this photo release form so they could use his picture," she said.

"Oh yeah?" I asked. "Does Jeffrey get any royalties?"

"Probably not," she laughed. "They'll want to use his photo for things like the website or newsletters; promotional stuff."

"Of course," I agreed. "Let me know who I can get in touch with about this though because I'd like to track where he ends up." I explained to her about my LiveJournal.

She wrote down a name and number and then left.

"See Jeffrey?" I said. "You're going to be famous!"

Jeffrey continued to purr and tried to roll around on his back in my lap, but his catheter got in the way. Poor little guy!

As I held Jeffrey I took a look at our surroundings. I had given Dr. White one of our photo cards (the same one those of you who signed up will be getting) and saw that it was hung up on the paper towel dispenser above a photo of another cat:

That's when I also noticed the framed sign next to it:

"Diabetes!" I scoffed to Jeffrey. "Please. Move over, Gamal! We're gunning for case of the year!"

Jeffrey continued to purr and knead my lap.

I hated leaving him last night. When I stood up to return him to one of the nurses, he put one of his paws over my shoulder and buried his face in my neck. I really would have slept in that room, holding him all night if I could.

Finally I handed him over to the tech. "Thank you for being so great to him," I said.

"Of course," she smiled. "We all adore him."

One day at a time. I can't wait to be able to bring him to Dr. Cargill! So fingers crossed and prayers that the lab results come back by tomorrow so we can get him on the exact path he needs! And thank you to everyone who's been following our story and supporting us. It means a great deal.

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