Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Pins & Needles

This morning Jeffrey had his first acupuncture session with Marie Cargill. He did a great job and didn't mind it at all. (Though I did have to keep my hands on him because he wanted to shift and roll around. Not a particularly good idea when you're full of needles.)

Marie said Jeffrey is still definitely a little anemic and slightly dehydrated, so she recommended I call the animal hospital to see if maybe I should administer even just a little bit of subQ fluid. She also mixed up a natural liquid remedy to give Jeffrey twice a day to help with his anxiety. (He gets really upset when there are a lot of cats around and Gracie and the kittens are especially getting him worked up at times. Unfortunately there's not much we can do until they are adopted out next month.) I give him less than 1/2 a teaspoon by oral syringe and it doesn't taste like anything, so it's been easy so far.

I wish I could have taken photos of the session, but between holding him with the needles in and the likely stress the flash would have induced, I opted not to. Marie said the points she targeted today were for his kidneys, liver and I forget the last part. All in all Jeffrey was very calm through all of it and even sat in my lap pleasantly while Marie reviewed Jeffrey's hospital paperwork before the needles. The only time he got a little difficult was when it was time to go back in the carrier. (Needless to say that with all he's been through these last two weeks, he isn't a big fan of being put in it.)

Jeffrey will be returning to Marie's office next weekend and in the meantime I'm continuing his daily regimen:

Pepcid A/C- 10mg (1/4 tab orally once daily at 4:00 p.m.)
Enacard- 5 mg (1/4 tab once daily at 2:00 p.m.)
Extra Strength Tums- 1/4 tab twice a day at 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.
Rehmannia 8- 1 capsule, 4x a day
Marrow +- 3x per day
Anxiety Remedy- 1/2 tsp 2x per day

He also gets Procrit, 0.2 ml under the skin (the same way we did the subQs) 3 times per week on Tues., Thurs. and Sun.

At first I had a TON of trouble administering Jeffrey's pills, especially the cut up teeny ones. No matter what I did, he always rolled them back up and spit them out. I joined a Yahoo! group called Feline CRF Support and several of the people gave me some excellent tips on how to give him pills in empty gel caps. Also, I had no idea that it's imperative that animals be given a water chaser after the pill, no matter what kind the medication is!! I'm glad I learned that early into this whole thing before I could have potentially hurt Jeffrey. (I wonder why they don't think to tell you these things at the doctor's?)

Aside from the not so fun task of shoving pills into Jeffrey, things with him have been great. He still continues to eat his Hill's K/D dry, but he won't touch anything else I offer him. I suppose it's better than nothing, right?

He does LOVE the water fountain, so I'm glad to see him drinking from it constantly:

Right now I'm still waiting to hear from the hospital in regards to the rest of Jeffrey's kidney biopsy results. The poor little guy is completely exhausted from today's adventures and sleeping right behind me:

Granted, I could use a nap myself. This morning right before Jeffrey and I left I decided to rinse out one of the cat food bowls. We have a dual sink with a garbage disposal in the left sink and a regular drain in the right. After I emptied the bowl I flipped the switch to the garbage disposal as I always do. But does it perform as usual?


Next thing I know, the right drain explodes into a geyser, spraying water at me, the ceiling, the walls... everywhere.

"WHOA!!!" I yelled and scrambled to turn the disposal and the fawcett off.

"Great," I muttered. I told Tina about it before I left the house and when I came home an hour and a half later she was still working on it. We ended up having to buy a drain snake and Tina was finally able to fix the clog with it.

Thank God for her. My answer would have been to fill both sink drains with Draino and pray. Hopefully that's the last household mess we endure for a while!


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