Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Not Without My Jeffrey

So I finally got a call last night from the other doctor that Dr. White had mentioned would follow up to let me know the results of Jeffrey's amyloidiosis screening. I was at Tina's parents' house when the call came in so I got the news via voice mail at 11:00 p.m.

"Hi Liz, this is Dr. Campbell at Mass. Veterinary Referral Hospital," the woman said. "Dr. White had asked that I follow up with you to let you know the results of Jeffrey's testing for amyloidosis. I have the paperwork here and he tested negative for amyloidosis..."

"WOO!" I yelled, squeezing Jeffrey close.

"...I'm not sure what this means or what this might change in terms of Jeffrey's case since I'm not fully briefed on his condition," the voice mail continued. "But I did want to make sure you knew that the results came back negative. Dr. White will be back on Tuesday, but you can definitely call me in the meantime. Thank you!"

I was psyched and couldn't wait to let Marie Cargill know.

When I spoke with Dr. White on Thursday we had briefly discussed what it would mean if Jeffrey didn't have amyloidosis.

"There are a few other things it could be," she said. "But honestly, he doesn't really display the signs."

"Like what?" I asked.

"Well, lupus is one," she said. "But I really don't think so. He doesn't have any lesions and he's really too young for that."

"Lupus!" I exclaimed. "That's so 'Lifetime Original Movie'!" I instantly conjured up images of Sally Field playing the role of me in the cat version of "Not Without My Daughter".

"Yeah," she said. "So let's wait and see. We'll talk on Tuesday when I get back."

When we hung up I had to laugh a little. One of my favorite things to do is poke fun at Lifetime movies and dream up storylines of my own Lifetime Original Movie. So of course it would come up in conversation that my cat could have a Lifetime-esque disease, regardless of how remote the chances were.

So here we are, Christmas Eve, and the three possible causes that all of the vets involved with Jeffrey's case thought was behind Jeffrey's glomerulonephritis have been completely ruled out. What's next? I'm not sure, except that we keep going with the steps to make Jeffrey stronger and ultimately better.

Today I am celebrating the best Christmas gift ever: my Jeffrey here with me and negative for The Big Three! Thank you so much to you all for your continued support and well-wishes!!! It continues to make dealing with all of this a lot easier.


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