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As I mentioned, Jeffrey had a follow-up appointment with Dr. White yesterday. I'm happy to say it went well with Jeffrey having gone from weighing 5.8 pounds at his last appointment the prior Thursday to 6.4 yesterday. Both Dr. White and her attending tech each praised how good he looked and then went about drawing his blood sample in order to check his kidney values/ levels, as well as test his blood pressure. They also changed the wrapping of his e-tube. And thankfully Dr. White said we can take him off the dreaded diahhrea-inducing anti-biotics. Whew!

Unfortunately they won't get his values report back until tomorrow, but in the meantime they feel he's looking pretty good. The only minor concern is a small amount of fluid build up in his abdomen, so that just means I have to cut back on the amount of subQ fluids I'm giving him.

Jeffrey's been trying to eat a lot more on his own and demonstrated this at the hospital by making a beeline for a bowl of dog food that was in the back where they were working with him. Talk about something that would wreak havoc on his system...!

The food issue has been a bit tough at home because Jeffrey wants so badly to just eat like everyone else. I haven't tried to stop him too much because I don't want to discourage him from eating on his own, but still... this morning he hurled himself in front of the foster kittens in order to try and get to their dry kitten food. That stuff I did end up taking away from him because that food is way too rich.

Anyway, Jeffrey was psyched to get home from the doctor's. His patience for traveling in the carrier has most definitely worn off and he howled during both trips to and from the hospital. When we arrived back, he headed for the dining room where he and one of the foster kittens worked together to pull down my jacket from a chair so they could sit on it:

The cats have at least 73954 comfy places to sit, but no. They just had to have my jacket.

Jeffrey's also decided that sitting under my file cart, despite it being complete with several blankets and a heating pad, is no longer suitable and has moved into the bottom cubby of our upstairs cat tree:

I love this because there is a lot of "cat traffic" through the hallway and he is now always interested in what's going on. His increased desire to be social is yet another step in the right direction.

Such a cutie-face!!

Oh and this is random, but while I was waiting for Dr. White to bring Jeffrey back, I noticed this new sign in the room I was in:

In December I had mentioned the last "case of the month", Gamal. Like Pepsi here, Gamal had diabetes. Hello, people?? No offense to dear little Pepsi, but a diabetes case makes the monthly profile again?? Jeffrey has renal failure, which is far more serious and has overcome about a half a dozen obstacles and beaten so many odds to date. Personally, I think this Case of the Month thing is a scam, much like the Miss America Pageant or the US Presidental Election.

Oh well, Pepsi and Gamal can have their insuline and fame. Bigger and better things for Jeffrey!

(By the way, I'm really only kidding)

In other animal news, Tina's and my friends Sara and Sherri recently adopted a yellow lab puppy, Calvin and I'm going to guess he's about 5 or 6 months old now. Wednesday night they needed someone to take Calvin out to pee because they were going to be home late, so they asked us since we only live about 5 minutes away. Naturally I said yes because as much of a handful as he was, I do miss Colby from time to time.

I arrived at about 6:30 and found Calvin in his crate.

"Hi, little puppy man," I greeted him.

Calvin looked back at me and wagged his tail. As soon as I let him out he jumped up at my face and then clamped his mouth on my arm.

"Ow!" I yelped. "Okay, let's get this energy out of you."

I clipped his leash on and we ran all around the yard and up and down the street. After about 20 minutes we returned to the house and as soon as we got inside Calvin jumped up to the kitchen counter, grabbed a couple of pieces of mail and proceeded to gobble them up.

"No, Calvin!" I ran to him. "Give me the mail."

Finally I managed to get the mangled, soggy envelopes out of his mouth. I tried to clean them up and as I did this, Calvin decided to latch onto my right pant leg with his teeth and pull.

"No, Calvin!" I said. "Let go of my pants!"


Calvin tore a hole in the side of my pants.

I sighed at him. "Come on," I said. "Let's go play in the living room."

We made it about 3 feet in the direction of the living room, but then Calvin bolted back into the kitchen and yanked my jacket off the counter. As it fell, my gloves slipped out of the pocket. Calvin immediately scooped them into his mouth and ran to the living room, jumping onto the couch.

"No, Calvin!" I ran after him. "Give me my gloves!"

Calvin's response was to adjust his mouth so that both gloves were entirely inside. I could only imagine how gross and slimy they were by then.

I got a doggie treat from the kitchen and waved it until he dropped my gloves. Yup, nasty slimy.

Finally by some miracle Calvin calmed down a bit. I decided to go and take some pictures:




not cute!

Yeah, that last photo... Calvin had been lying on the couch with his head resting on the pillow, all sweet. Within the time it took me to aim and shoot the camera, Calvin had let out a growl, grabbed the pillow in his mouth and started humping up a storm. My jaw dropped. Mr. Pinky made an appearace and everything.

I was so grossed out, I didn't even know what to do. Colby had started that business when he was about 4 months, but we got him neutered pretty soon after so I'd never seen him put on a display quite like that. Thankfully Calvin stopped violating the pillow within a couple of minutes and I returned him to his crate so I could head home.

Let's just say I have a new appreciation for my cats! As much as I love dogs (I grew up with two), they are quite the handful at that age.


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