Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Flora the Restorer

There's been a LOT going on and I haven't been able to update LJ as much as I'd like. Most of the updates are more appropriate for "Friends Only," so I'll just do a quick Jeffrey update for now...

We're still making a lot of great progress, most of which have been baby steps, but in looking back over the past 6 weeks, it all adds up to some huge positives. As I'd mentioned in the last post, Jeffrey had been on anti-biotics and as a side-effect, he had bad bouts of diarrhea. This was making it very difficult to put badly-needed weight on him, so Dr. White gave me a prescription for Flagyl. The prescription was basically an eighth of a pill which meant I would have to go to a compounding pharmacy.

The idea that something was so strong that it had to be administered in an eighth of a pill didn't sit well with me, so I consulted with the CRF Yahoo! Group. Sure enough, most of the people there reported negative side-effects, most of which involved neurological complications. I didn't want to put Jeffrey through a risk like that, so I checked in with Marie Cargill who gave me another tube of Natren FelineDophilus probiotics. She said the problem was that the anit-biotics had wiped out the Flora, a beneficial "good bacteria" and that I needed to give him the probiotics 3 to 4 times a day.

4 days later on the aggressive probiotic treatment and Jeffrey's steadily improving. Along with this, his energy and strength have begun to come back even more. A few days ago I'd notice him sitting in the hallway, just staring at the cat tree:

He'd get up and do other things, like eat or explore the house, but always ended up back in front of the tree.

The next day I happened to come out of the office and was stunned to see Jeffrey climbing to the top of the cat tree, something he hasn't done since November. He wasn't leaping from platform to platform, but he did get to the top pretty quickly:

He was all proud of himself and when I praised him, he started rolling around the platform he was on and purred as I pet him. Later that day I saw him also run up the stairs, rather than take them one at a time as he'd been doing for the past month. He wasn't sprinting or anything, but the quick trot up the stairs was a significant change.

The other cats are starting to interact with him more, but his brother, sister and Cora still aren't snuggling up to him. I put a few toy cats in Jeffrey's bed for him to cuddle with, but I know he really misses napping with the others. So I can't even begin to tell you how happy I was when I saw this on Wednesday:

Yep, that's one of Gracie's babies with Jeffrey. (We've already adopted out two of them and a prospective adopter is coming by today to meet the others) Those kittens don't care about Jeffrey's scent at all and always go up and nuzzle him or try to take naps in his bed. So cute!

So that's pretty much the scoop. I'm awaiting this week's kidney value results that they tested yesterday, but the week before saw Jeffrey's BUN having improved from 262 to 101. While 101 is still VERY much "off the charts bad," it's a marked improvement.

Oh and we're still going for acupuncture every weekend:

Sorry for the crappy photo, it was the best I could do without distracting him. The biggest problem is Jeffrey trying to roll onto his back with the needles in. We usually lose half the needles about 15 minutes into the session.

Here's to hoping the miracle recovery continues!

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