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"Here comes that girl! She's moving in fast...!"

I haven't updated in quite some time, ugh. So much has happened/ is happening and I miss taking the time out to read/ update LJ. So now's the time to start again!

This past weekend I played in the Have A Heart Tournament, my first ever ice hockey tournament. They had a "rec division", so my league put together a team of us beginners to play against another local beginner team. HOLY CRAP, SO MUCH FUN!!!

Here we are before one of our 4 games:

I love my team. We all played so hard and everyone had great attitudes. (Except this one jackass who thought it was funny to get 3 penalties by shoving over the opposing players. Luckily the other team didn't score on us during those penalty minutes.)

The first game the other team did not have their regular goalie. Our team's goalie had only been playing the position for 3 weeks, so she did have a little more practice than the stand-in goalie. As for the regular players, both teams were evenly matched. We ended up winning 5 to 1 in the first game with me scoring one goal and having 1 assist.

I had a few "proud moments" throughout the weekend, the first being when our coach made me the center for my line. I had been playing wing in my regular league, so it was a new experience. The next moment came during the second game when I was chasing down one of the other team's players. I heard one of her teammates call out to my target, "here comes that girl! She's moving in fast...!"

"That girl?" Wow. Several people had commented to me on how fast I am, but I didn't think I was someone the other team would take notice of like that. But the whole thing made me laugh because while I might have "raw speed," I certainly don't have a lot of control. It wasn't like I was going to skate up and snatch the puck away cleanly.

The 2nd and 3rd games were tied, 0-0. The other team's real goalie was in no way a beginner. She anticipated every show we made, as well as directed her teammates. She had to have been at least a "C level."

In the 4th game we were all exahausted. My hip flexors were beyond tight and my obliques were screaming. The other team managed to score 3 goals on us in the first and second period, which drove me nuts. I had 3 breakaways and could not score on their goalie.

In the 3rd period I had another breakaway and charged down the ice. No one was catching up to me on the other team, so I sped toward the goalie. At the last second I decided to try and fake her right, then shoot for the middle. Risky for me because everytime I've tried that, I lost the puck. But this time by some miracle the puck went in!!!!

Tina was in the stands with her teammates (her team played in the C division of the tournament) and they all went wild cheering. My teammates and coaches went nuts. I raised my stick and pumped my fist in the air, I felt incredible. I just love this game!! Plus I had been hell bent on scoring on that goalie.

The final score was 5-1, making me the only person who was able to score on that goalie the whole weekend. Since both teams had 1 win and we tied the rest, our division ended in a tie with each team receiving the winning hats:

Excuse the half-bad photo. The woman who took the picture didn't wait for the flash to finish before moving the camera, plus our coach fell over.

Here are a couple of blurry shots from the game:

I'm the one with yellow stick duking it out with the opposing center

I'm the one with red white and black socks

All in all it was a great weekend. Tina's team won their division, which was no surprise. They are really good and Tina scored a few goals with her incredible slapshot.

On Sunday I watched Tina's team's final with her Mom. Here they are after:

So cute! Can you tell they're related???

In Jeffrey news, he's doing GREAT! His levels sort of go up and down, mostly because he refuses to eat the special kidney failure food. (I don't blame him, it's bland as hell) I've been adding holistic supplements from Marie Cargill, so he's steadily improving overall body function. He's slowly regaining lost muscle, so he's gradually becoming more agile and he's not as bony anymore. In fact, his doctor is so impressed, she said he doesnt' need to go back for another month!

The other cats have started snuggling with him agsin, too. Here he is with Cora:

And here he is with Molly:

It's a huge relief to be watching him continually head in such a remarkably positive direction. I'm so proud of him!!!

I have lots more to talk about, but that's for a "Friends Only" post. Stay tuned...

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