Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Bair Hugger

As I'd mentioned, Jeffrey recently started to back-slide. Overnight Wednesday he had an uncontrollable bout of diarrhea, so I knew it was time to get him to the hospital. I took him in yesterday morning and the doctor said Jeffrey definitely needed to be admitted.

His temperature was only 93, his blood pressure was only 65, he weighed in at 3.8 pounds and on and on. The "domino effect" was sparked by really bad mouth ulcers, worse than last time. Jeffrey's got new issues that stemmed from all of this, including low blood sugar and some other complicated word related to the liver that I didn't understand.

The bottomline is, Jeffrey's going to bounce back from this. I just feel terrible that he back-slid at all. He was almost at 7 pounds 2 weeks ago, playing and eating on his own.

I visited Jeffrey last night, but for the first time ever they wouldn't give me a little room to visit with him in. Instead I had to go into the back area where they keep all of the in-patients.

"Jeffrey's definitely in a lot better shape than he was this morning," a tech explained. "He's sitting up and very alert, but his temperature started to drop again because he's just got no meat on him. We have him under the Bair Hugger to get him warmed up."

I had no idea what a "Bair Hugger" was and upon hearing the name, I picture a stuffed teddy bear with a hot water bottle and Jeffrey nestled in between. Instead I saw this:

The heating unit pumps warm air into the "balloon" over Jeffrey and basically keeps his entire body consistently warm.

My poor baby!!! As soon as I knealt down I gently said, "Are you my Jiff?" (I call him 'Jiffy' a lot and his response is to typically wave his tail and look up at me.

Jeffrey turned his head to look at me and uttered a very weak, "Woh." That's his sad sound which means he wants to go home.

"I know," I sighed. I placed my hand under his head, which he immediately rested on my palm.

I joined the Menu Foods Class Action Yahoo! Group and am trying to figure out what to do next. I already called Menu Foods which gave me the big fat runaround. So did the Science Diet people. For now I'm going to read everything I can and not jump into action prematurely. I know new stuff is being uncovered everyday and when the time comes I'm going to pursue this with everything I've got.
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