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New Respect For Nanny...

Okay, wow. My Grandma's 72 (I think, need to double check). Apparently she's also cool. This is my Dad's Mom.

My sister was complaining on the way to dinner yesterday that I tortured her with Trance music on the way to NY the last time we made the 3 hour drive together. She was saying how annoying one of my favorite songs entitled, "Zero to Nine" was. She's more an NSync and Christina Aguilera fan.

So, Nanny and I get in the car to rent Billy Elliott last night. She's never been in my yellow seXterra, so she hops in and says, "Lemme heeyah that sawng ya sistah was complainin' about..." (She's from Long Island, NY)

So I pop in my Kiss Summer 2000 Clublife trance CD and put on "Zero to Nine." She listens a little while.

"Wow, this has a nice beat! I really like this...!"

I was dumbfounded. So I put in the yellow Slinky compilation. She loved that, too!

So there I was, flying through Watertown, bass pumping Slinky coming out of the speakers, and the windows all open. Who knew? She asked if I'd burn her a Trance mix.

Yep, Nanny's cool, too. Must be something in the Erk-side's genes...

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