Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk


It started off as an ambitious morning. I had noticed my lawn was no longer a lawn, but had actually turned into a knee-high early stage jungle, due to all of the recent rain. So I decided to fill up the gas can and mow the bitch:

Within the first 5 min. the lawn mower jammed because the lawn was so thick. I guess I did too good a job with winter fertilizing. I had to stop and clear it and was amazed at the path and piles the first run made:

I should have seen what happened almost halfway through coming, based on that alone. Yes, the lawn killed my mower. It gave a gasp, growl and puff of smoke which I guess was lawn mower speak for "good-bye, cruel yard... I was meant for little patches of city sidewalk plots, yet you brought me to my untimely demise with your 'jungle fever' wanna-be Better Homes and Garden field."

Wonderful. My yard looks ridiculous. I really need one of these:

**UPDATE EDIT: I guess the lawn mower was unconscious and not dead... I resuscitated it with jet ski oil, heh heh heh... (I'm so NOT mechanically inclined. That was the best idea I had, short of kicking it and rolling it into a busy intersection. Thankfully it worked.)

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