Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Baby, you can park my car...

I know, I'm still horrible with updating. If I posted what's been going on in my daily life, I'd probably have Lifetime beating down my door for the movie rights. (Either them or Comedy Central... that's how extrenme it's all been)

Instead, I will post about the "surface stuff" for now. ^_^

In between work and hockey, I've still been living "the family life." I love it! Everything from baseball games...

Hunter with his end-of-season trophy

Noah showing off his trophy piggy back rides:

I swear Hunter thinks I'm his personal transportation. No matter where we go, whether it's down the stairs for breakfast or across a parking lot, he's gotta be on my back!

I finally got Kendra to venture over the border into Massachusetts to attend anneatpan's BBQ this past weekend. Unfortunately she and her husband live on a street that requires parallel parking and since I haven't had to do that in about a year, I was a tad rusty. In fact, it got so bad I had to get out and let Kendra fix my crooked parking job.

For the record though, I'd like to say it wasn't entirely my fault!! I kept thinking I was on the curb with my back tire, so I kept trying to maneuver away. No such luck... I just made it worse. Then I came to find out that it wasn't the curb that was the issue, but rather a shoe:


Anyway, it was fun introducing Kendra to a few of my friends. My favorite part of the party was when they decided to play Bocce Ball. Kendra had never played before, but because she's a softball player she was convinced she'd be great...

She ended up pitching the ball instead of rolling it

...and the ball landed way the heck away from the target. Everyone got a good laugh over that one:

After the party was over we decided to get the kids and have a sleepover at my house. Let me just say I was in heaven... I've been working for the last several years to be able to have a home for a family of my own someday, so getting a "preview" into what it would be like to have kids there was so much fun! The simplest things like the boys playing... Gabby just hanging out and watching TV made my house feel truly like home:

So yeah... despite the chaos life has thrown my way, I definitely have been appreciating the "finer things."

And of course Kendra and I continue to have fun. We always manage to have the most random things happen. Take this photo of us with 2 of the New England Patriots' cheerleaders for example:

One might think we went to an event to specifically see them, but no. We were out running errands in her town and we happened to notice them at a Shell station. I guess it was some sort of appearance they do every year.

Either way, it's never dull with us! Everyday seems to be an adventure...

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