Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Summer's for Children, Fall's for Kittens

Yes, as many of you pointed out via LJ, MySpace and email, I spent my summer focusing on kids and didn't say much about my fur babies. Well, I'm pleased to report that all 9 of the herd are doing wonderfully. And with the arrival of the Fall season comes the arrival of a Mom-to-be in need!

Say hello to Hannah:

Hannah is a dumped pet with 3 munchkins on board. She arrived last Saturday looking very skinny and attention-starved. But of course within just days of residing in my guest room she plumped up significantly, morphing from rail thin with a bulge to healthy and ready to pop!

Hannah definitely has some Maine Coon in her which means she gets upset when she has to be left behind in the guest room. Much like my Mia, Hannah wants to be involved in everything I do. Unfortunately I can't let her integrate with the rest of the house because with my luck, Hannah would give birth in the basement ceiling or something disastrous like that.

So stay tuned, dear Kitty Rescue Fans... new babies are on the way to "oo" and "ah" at!

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