Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"Is that Nancy Kerrigan?"

Over the summer Health Magazine interviewed and photographed me for an article on women who took up new sports when they were older. My section was on ice hockey and in order to take the pictures, the magazine sent a photographer and make-up artist to the Stoneham Arena.

The photographer had me skate with the puck in circles while he snapped photos. In between sessions, a make-up artist fussed with my eyes and blush. I found this to be pretty funny, considering I rarely wear make-up as it is, so imagine me getting all done up for something that usually results in my getting all sweaty!

Towards the end of the shoot a bunch of kids came in for their game, which was scheduled for after my ice time. I got the most curious stares as the photographer laid across the ice and snapped photos of me going round and round.

"Is that Nancy Kerrigan?" I heard one of them ask.

I almost tripped from laughing! Yeah, Nancy Kerrigan if she had amnesia and forgot how to skate, maybe...

The article is featured in the October issue and is on stands now:

All in all, I thought it came out well! I especially got a kick out of how it made me sound like I was completely lazy before I picked up the sport!

I have to say, I love ice hockey! It really has changed my life for the better and this year I belong to two leagues. Here's Noah and me at my Fitchburg season opener this past Saturday:

I'm no longer with his mother, but that's a long story I haven't had a chance to update about... but the good news is I still see the kids on occasion.

So life's been fun and calm... and YES, a kitty post is on the way with LOTS of pictures!

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