Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

And then there were 7...

I'm totally behind in updating (and pretty much behind in life these days, too!), but alas, here I am with new kitty pics!

Hannah and The Gingers are doing beautifully! Hannah's a great little Mommy and she ended up inadvertantly saving another Mommy's babies, too. As it turned out, Sheera the shelter Director took in a pregnant cat who ended up having 11 babies! That's way too many hungry mouths for one Mommy's 6 nipps and typically in a litter that large, a few babies end up dying.

Since Hannah only had 3 babies, Sheera asked if I'd try and encourage Hannah to be a surrogate for some of the other Mommy's babies. So after hockey last Sunday I picked up 4 BeeBees and introduced them to The Gingers. The idea was to get The Gingers' scent all over the new babies, thus increasing the chances of Hannah accepting the new BeeBees.

Within 10 minutes Hannah happily took on the Little Additions:

The difference in size between the two litters is amazing, despite there only being a 2 day age gap. Goes to show how tough the competition was for 11 babies in getting milk!

Mind you, these pictures are about a week old. I accidentally left my camera with newer photos at my girlfriend's, so I'll have to post more tomorrow. The babies are all very advanced, with 2 of The Gingers having opened their eyes in less than a week and a half of being born and the last Ginger and 2 of the new BeeBees following suit 2 days later.

Hannah's doing a great job and she really saved the new BeeBees lives. Just look at this little face:

Hannah's amazing and I'll see to it that when her babies are adopted, she'll be placed with a home that treats her like the properly pampered princess she deserves.


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