Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Big Pimpin'

So I never updated about the outcome of this bizarre situation. And quite frankly, I'm not actually sure what the conclusion was, but I can tell you what I did on my end...

The day after the incident I called the police officer to follow-up. I let her know that I still had no communication or any attempt at an apology from my crazy neighbor. She didn't seem surprised and agreed I should press charges, which I authorized her to proceed with filing.

While that was processing, I had to tackle getting my car repaired. It's one thing to drive around in a semi-pimped out bright blue Sentra, but it teeters dangerously on "ghetto" when the driver's side is all dented. So I hooked up with my insurance agency and turned my beloved Club Windex over for some TLC.

Of course, while Club Windex was attending rehab, I was given a replacement. Now typically they give you a car of comparable value and style, so I was expecting a Focus or Corolla. Boy was I suprised when the rep rolled up with a Cadillac! Yes, friends... I was Big Pimpin':

I have to say, I enjoyed driving around in it until we had a snowstorm a few days later. Then it was merely just a $30,000 sled that sent me veering off the road 5 times, despite moving at less than 15 miles per hour.

Anyway, I survived and my Sentra was returned to me in tip-top shape. In mid-January I became curious as to what was happening with my Crazy Neighbor. I called over to the police department and found out that the case ended up being the state vs. Crazy Neighbor, so I wasn't invited to attend the hearing. So I have no idea what the outcome was.

It's funny though... life at my house is no different than it was before the incident- I never saw my neighbor before it happened and I haven't seen her since. We've never overlapped so much as to drag our trash to the curb at the same time.

I will admit, I'm a little stunned Crazy Neighbor didn't apologize. Seems rather odd to me that someone could act that nuts and then just carry on. But then again, I suppose that's what the definition of "crazy" is.


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