Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Dame Mas Presidence

Ever since Hillary had to concede, I kind of lost my enthusiasm for the upcoming election. McCain doesn't inspire me and Obama makes me cringe. I think both candidates are strong in different ways, but I felt like Hillary had "the whole package."

Anyway, I can't get everything I want in life, so I'm over it. BUT that doesn't prevent me from being fascinated by each candidate's tactics when it comes to winning over different demographics. The latest to make me laugh is McCain's teaming up with Daddy Yankee in efforts to appeal to the Latino community.

I'm going to assume that McCain's campaign managers haven't let him in on what "Dame Mas Gasolina" is slang for.
PS- I would pay top dollar for the musical dancing doll in that video clip...

So while McCain is beating up Obama for showboating around with celebrities (and I use that term loosely) like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, one has to wonder what message McCain is trying to send by running around with a guy who has girls singing lyrics that beg for Daddy Yankee to, um... "cast a vote" on their face.


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