Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk


Not a day goes by without thoughts of little Jeffrey crossing my mind. I still miss him everyday and I always take comfort in the company of his brother and sister.

Last Fall I had a foster Mom and litter plus some surrogates. Per usual, they grew up, I reluctantly adopted them out, and life went on.

Except for this little guy:

Meet Timmy-Jeffrey. He was one of two VERY shy kittens out of the surrogate litter:

As the kittens went to new homes in pairs, I found myself bonding with TJ. He was very timid, despite being in the care of humans since the day he was born. I had been working closely with him, but I had no intentions of keeping him initially. I think I ended up making the decision last Spring when he was walking across the upstairs hall and I realized he had the same exact pattern as Jeffrey on his back, as well as curly eye whiskers (which is something I'd NEVER seen on any cat except Jeffrey).

I was sold on keeping him for sure when I realized that no matter where I went in the house, TJ would follow. Or when I arrived home, TJ was first to greet me at the door. Or the fact that Billy and Sadie had started caring for TJ, despite there being other kittens around.

I think TJ *really* set his role in the household when he decided he would be my wake-up call if I wasn't up and feeding them by 6:30 a.m. every morning. Most days of the week I go the gym early in the morning and then feed them their breakfast when I arrive home. But God forbid I'm not up and feeding them by 6:30 a.m., I get the joys of listening to "waaaaaah-aaah! waaaaah?" at my my door, followed by this:

Yes. TJ shoves his paw under the door and leaves it there while calling for me.

TJ is just a lot of fun and definitely defies the traits of a typical cat. Felines hate water? Not TJ. If I run the guest shower, he jumps in. If I turn on the fawcett, he has to play with the stream of water.

Felines hate citrus? Not TJ. Observe as he insists on sharing my grapefruit:

So yes, I officially have 10 cats. I'm still overly clean, so that's not an issue. But I do find myself having to keep after a lot more messes because the herd is always getting into something. But oh well, I still love them all.

Especially my little Timmy-Jeffrey, who's the biggest trouble maker of all.

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