Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

The Neighborhood Dealer

I don't have a lot of plants around. It's not because I don't like them, it's more because I have a tendency to unintentionally kill them. By some miracle I have a ficas tree and a few random leafy things in my house, but that's about it.

On my back deck are two pots of cat nip that, since 2003, pop up every Spring and last through the Fall. This past June I noticed that every early morning when I opened my back door at least two or three neighborhood cats would emerge from under my deck, run up the trees and leap over my fence, as though fleeing the scene of a crime. After the third time of watching this occur, I decided to see what was under the deck.

Well. Apparantly the cat nip in the pots had dropped seeds, leading to a bumper crop of cat nip growing under the edge of the deck. One of my cats who I allow to come outside with me was present when I made the discovery. Naturally she made a beeline for the plants:

The above-mentioned cat asked I conceal her identity:

After she was done rolling around the cat nip, I asked her about what appeared to be an addiction:

Hmmm. I don't know about that. Cat nip seems to do strange things to all cats. Even cats who are hostile ferals become friendly, just to get a fix. Observe Ginny who seemed to temporarily forget that she likes to try and claw me whenever I get within inches of her:

My herd definitely has enjoyed having fresh cat nip throughout the Summer and Fall. I've dried a bunch to get them through the Winter, but I worry about the neighborhood cats who come by each day to get a fix. Hopefully their withdrawal won't be too traumatic.


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