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My eyes! My eyes!

I'm experiencing my first sinus headache ever. The pressure on my eyes and temples is something else!

The doctor's office called this morning to inform me that my Strep tests came back negative. That was no surprise, as the anti-biotics didn't do jack this weekend. The nurse said I just have a freak mid-summer flu that's hitting my system hard.

So, I'm having a really hard time at work today. Everytime I try to read on the computer screen for too long, my eyes begin this burning sensation, then tear. In fact, I've had to stop this entry 3 times already to close my eyes.

Anyway, I spent some time reflecting on my weekend. Despite my little hang-ups, I think it was just what I needed. I had pretty much spent most of last week with very little human contact, except for e-mail and the phone. So when I pulled open the front door and saw Mom and Nanny, I wanted to cry. I gave each of them a very long hug.

My Mom totally took care of me, too. She had done a bit of shopping and got basic household items I was lacking, which was so totally sweet of her. Nanny even got me new pans because they hated my old scratched Teflon ones. Hee hee!

Anyway, they arrived Saturday afternoon and we all got dressed up and went to a nice Japanese restaurant in Brookline. Mom, Nanny, and my sister each had 2 glasses of wine. All three of them got buzzed. (I had a sad glass of water to compliment my flu)

We had the WEIRDEST mother and son duo seated next to us. The mother kept staring at us and pointing at each of our dishes, loudly pointing out what we had. Then she pointed at my plate of vegetarian maki rolls and declares to her son, "That's an awful lot of food..."

Then she proceeded to say the same things about the rest of my family's plates. I looked around. We all had normal sized portions. I looked back at the lady... she was a tad overweight. Hmm.

You know when you can feel someone's eyes practically boring into you? Well, at one point during dinner I got that feeling. I looked to my left. The mother was staring right at me. I looked back and stared her down until she finally looked away.

Every now and then her son would speak, but his voice was this weird "I've-sucked-too-much-helium" sound, so it startled me each time I heard it. There would be silence and out of nowhere the mother would go, "Shhhhh..."

Halfway through dinner Nanny says to me, "You know, that strange woman is hanging onto your every word and staring at you..."

I was like, "I know, she's creepy."

Then I was horrified when dinner was over and the waiter brought the check. The lady was sitting next to the right side of my Mom. As my mom looked at the bill, the lady got her glasses out to try and read our check! She missed, but tried again as my Mom pulled out her credit card.

So I made no attempt at muffling my voice when I said, "Hey, Mom, cover the check..."

She quickly turned it, knowing what I meant. We all glanced at the woman. She looked back at us, not even pretending she wasn't trying to read the bill. What a freak.

As we left the table, Mom, Nanny, and my sister were giggling like little girls. Suddenly Nanny starts singing, "Mariaaaaaaaa..." (That's my Mom's name)

The waitstaff thought we were off our rockers. I, the only sober Erk, had the joy of driving the large plum-colored 1999 Dodge Caravan back to my house. Weee haaa!

I'll admit: those things have nice pick-up.

After that we rented Billy Elliott, which we all LOVED! SO cute! I highly recommend it.

Soon after that I fell asleep. I was exhausted. I couldn't believe a night of fine dining
and movie viewing could wipe me out like that. I was history by 11:30.

Then I was up at 7:00 a.m. to meet up with my PT client, who I LOVE. I probably wouldn't get up that early on a Sunday for any other client. (well, except maybe to workout with Liz... still got a thing for her, but due to recent developments, it's down to "mild crush" status.)

Then I went home, showered up, and we all went on a Duck Tour! How fun! I hadn't been on one since 1996. And as a little side note, the HOTTEST college-age dykes work on the staff there. Of course, I couldn't openly stare, but I did manage to exchange "knowing" eye contact with a hottie who was stationed at the info. table.

The AIDS Ride was coming into town yesterday, so partway through our Duck Tour most of the city streets ended up getting blocked off. This was a true test for the tour guide because he ended up taking us on Rt. 93, through Chinatown, the Leather District, and, finally, weaving us through the Financial District. These areas are most definitely not part of the regular tour route. I was thoroughly impressed! He knew everything about every nook and cranny of Boston!

After that was over we headed back to my house and I went to pick up M. from the airport. He had been in NYC to attend Mac World for a client. Nanny had prepared an AWESOME dinner, so we invited him to join us.

Nanny LOVED the guy! My Mom and sister like him a lot, too. I told my Mom later that evening to live it up while she could... I think she knew what I meant.

And so, dear readers, that was my weekend. And that leads to today. Back at work. Tired, miserable, in desperate need of my bed...!


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