Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk


Ah, my favorite troop of informercialers (at least the one who plays "deaf old man" in the "Listen Up" commercial) is back! This time they're pushing a glorified MuuMuu called the Snuggie:

Branded as "the blanket with sleeves," the above commercial shows people doing everything in their Snuggies from lounging on the couch with their poodles to toasting marshmallows over an open fire to watching football games outdoors. Okay first of all, the fact that they advocate going out in public in these makes me wonder if this is merely a plot to bring on a next-generation MuuMuu...

...or an effort to trounce their competitor, The Slanket!

Slanket apparantly has a bit of a following, complete with their own terms such as "slanketeering". It's a tough call to see who will dominate the market. Once the Infomercial Troop is deployed to hawk a product, the competition is pretty much doomed. Just ask any manufacturer of jewelry extenders what Clever Clasp has done to them! Featuring old favorites like the "Where did I park my car" lady, this commercial plunges any competitor into oblivion!

Well, no matter what the intention of Snuggie or Slanket pushers, I just hope they pay proper royalties to their inspiration:



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